Saturday, August 30, 2008


doc dave & i have been hopping from one crab place to another... in search for the yummiest crab there is in the city ... 

we love their crab maritess, szechuan crab and best of all, their singaporean black pepper crab


the first time we had the black pepper was at 2kilo! it was really huge! until now, i can't stop thinking about how satisfied we were with that meal. it's definitely one of the best crab i've ever tasted... 

male medium sized (500-650g) is priced Php99/100g
male king sized (750g and up)  is priced at Php120/100g

prices are a little steep but you will surely get your money's worth! one cannot buy happiness!

crustasia have branches in: alabang town center, power plant, the podium and trinoma
while red crab branches include: remedios st. in malate, greenbelt 2, tomas morato, clark field
claw daddy branches in: shangri-la mall, bonifacio high street


emerald has one of the cheapest but really delicious crab there is! the salt and pepper fried crab is really a must try in this place. i always hurt my tongue whenever i have crabs here bec i eat even the crumbs that are stuck on the shell. make sure you get at least a kilo sized crab to avoid getting bitin! i promise you will go home feeling like you won the lottery!

the price tag: Php 95/100g 

the restaurant is almost always packed and does not accept reservations unless you're having lauriat or an event... so it's good to go early and have your crab reserved right away.

emerald garden is located at 1170 roxas blvd. 
tel: 632 5238510, 5238515

crab no.3 KING CRAB

the return of this restaurant made us giddy because they opened near our place! we went to check out their crab even during their soft opening...  the king crab rice was highly recommended so we had to try it... when they said king crab rice, i reckon it will be fried rice like. with all the ingredients in it -- halo halo style... but the dish came out with the huge king crab on top of the seemingly malagkit rice.  upon tasting's like there was a burst of flavor! really delicious tasting dish.

crab price is at Php120/100g

the new king crab restaurant is at sucat road, near duty free philippines
i am not sure if they are connected with the king crab at p guevarra....

so far these are the crab places that is worth going to while in manila ... 
ultimate crab places i've been to outside of manila would be: Spicy Crab Under the Bridge in HK and No Signboard Seafood Restaurant in Singapore... hay!

Obagi Nu-Derm Healthy Skin Protection SPF 35: Broad-Spectrum UVA/UVB Sunscreen.

this sunscreen does not leave a greasy feeling... it is best to prevent premature aging ... 
Php 950
DermHealth Clinic
Doc Dave

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sale Alert!

white castle burgers in manila

white castle microwavable cheeseburgers are now available at duty free and sometimes at S&R grocery. yes its frozen but this is the nearest we can get to taste the famous burger that i associate with harold & kumar.  
according to the instruction, put the burgers in the microwave for reheating... but i was afraid the buns might get stone hard when its not hot anymore.... so i steam them... yum!

white castle burgers are famous for its small squarish burgers, thus making it easy to eat... a lot more than you should.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cebu Pacific vs. Philippine Airline

cebu pacific's promo is back!! take your chances now!

cebu pacific has been the first choice of many travelers now because of their affordable rates. this move is good for the consumers because now, PAL has lowered their rates as well. at last!
check out their promos
Fares and Promos


went to tagaytay for the long weekend ... thanks to GMA for juggling the real dates. i love her for that. 
anyway, we got to visit bawai's again. but since it was a long weekend, we were not able to get a lunch reservation. we went for early dinner instead (because we wanted to get back in time to see the closing ceremony of the beijing olympics).
i must say that daytime visit to this place is a lot better. the dark ambiance made the food look warm instead of refreshing... so...
this time around, we weren't that amazed anymore.... still refreshing to the taste but now i think it's overrated... or we ordered too much...i felt so stuffed. 

we still loved this shrimp roll with sugarcane stick ... this dish is a must try!
the fresh vietnamese roll was still a winner ... dave didn't enjoy it though....
the fried lumpia was so so ... nothing really special about this dish ... 
this salad came with the dory fish... refreshing but then again, nothing special ... 
here's the dory fish paul recommended ... it's very tasty and herb-y ... 

moreover, we had fresh shrimp salad in cold vietnamese noodles, pork noodles and beef noodles ... 
the vietnamese sausage was not available... too bad because that was one of the dishes we during our 1st visit....
overall, it was still a nice experience... 

here's paul's number 09209722924 for reservations ... he is also the chef of this restaurant. he is half viet and half pinoy.

thanks to diana for the the pictures!

Protection from getting Cervical Cancer
If you are under 27, you may be eligible to receive the HPV vaccine, which prevents high risk strains of HPV in women. The HPV vaccine, Gardasil, was approved by the FDA to give to young girls as young as 9. 

GARDASIL is the only cervical cancer vaccine that helps protect against 4 types of human papillomavirus (HPV): 2 types that cause 70% of cervical cancer cases, and 2 more types that cause 90% of genital warts cases.

Get it from doc dave at only Php5,500!!
DermHealth Clinic
2/F Jupiter Place Bldg.,
Jupiter St., Bel-Air Makati City

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Confessions of a Shopaholic

sophie kinsella fans must be excited to see the movie. it is scheduled to be released on february of next year in the US. isla fisher will bring to life the character of becky bloomwood... hugh dancy will be luke brandon ... he's the prince charming of ella the enchanted... joan cusack and john goodman will be there too... 

i am not sure if i'm going to like the outfits ... 

i am also sadden by the fact that the setting of the movie will be in new york instead of london... i do not know what else was changed in the movie but i read from sophie's site that she was consulted so i guess the movie will still give the book justice.... still, i can't wait to see it!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Paul Potts Video

you've probably seen this on etc because they have been airing it for advertisement of his concert here in manila... yes he is coming!

ajisen ramen

one of my favorite places to eat in hk is ajisen... nothing fancy just good curry based noodle! yum!!! each time i go to hk, i just have to visit a branch... i remember hanging out at their airport branch while waiting for my connecting flight back to manila... 

yummy gyoza

beef teppanyaki

enoki mushroom wrapped with sukiyaki beef 

my ultimate fave, curry based sukiyaki beef noodle

happy customers 

just last week, dave & i decided to try going to alabang town center since we live near na... before our scheduled movie date, we had time walk around and check out possible places where we can have our dinner... guess what i saw!
i spotted ajisen!!! ... in manila!! we just had to eat there! ...  i'll save my review for next time...

Friday, August 22, 2008

gay marriages

when california supreme court lifted the ban on gay marriages last may, ellen and portia decided to tie the knot... 
true enough, last weekend,  they did dress up and became legally a couple...

the two looked pretty in their wedding outfits...  i just didn't realize it's possible for such relationship to end in marriage... i have nothing against gay people... i even think they're fun... it's just hard to believe that love in this kind of relationships lasts... 

well, enlighten me please ... 

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

flashback 90210

did anyone miss this show during the 90's? i remember it to be such a hit... anyway, the reason i am blogging this is because i chanced upon this site showing the recent pictures of shannen doherty and jennie garth... they look so mature now... or i am feeling so old...  
the show had so much fashion influences to the teens way back then... remember how bad you needed to tease you bangs and spray loads of aqua net? .... how about tucking your shirt in a high waisted acid washed jeans? ... and those floral dresses you wear with dr. martens boots... hahaha totally baduy but it was so in...

didn't your barkada imitate this pose?  or at least it entered your mind to do so...and this too?
now, a spin-off is scheduled to run on air starting september 2... i wonder if they will create that same great impact as the original...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

my love for cheetos

ever since val introduced me to cheddar jalapeno cheetos, i can't stop nibbling it. dave & i can easily finish 1 bag in one sitting... 

although it has hints of jalapeno pepper, its not as spicy as you may think it is. its nothing compared to the spiciness of cheetos flamin' hot cheetos. i'm sure you won't stop too when you try it! enjoy!

take a peek at my stock ...

chicken inasal

my hubby has a great appetite for chicken inasal. we have been to different inasal places just to find the best there is in town, at least for his delicate taste... 

so far, his top choice is JT's Manukan at Granada St.
Bacolod chicken inasal
this resto is not only famous for its chicken inasal but their version of bulalo is really very interesting and is something that i would love to have during the rainy season... its somewhat sinigang-ish but you still know its bulalo ... gets?

although we enjoy JT's Manukan food, the ambiance is on the low side. imagine dining al fresco style along the polluted st of ortigas/granada ... 

but i read from anton's blog that they have opened a new branch in bel-air. from his pictures, it looks more presentable. here's the link to anton's.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

i love yakult

who doesn't?! 
i discovered a place where you can order yakult in a glass! there's no more room for getting bitin with its tiny original container. what's more is that different flavors are available to suit one's taste. 
i'm sure everyone's is already familiar with the japanese resto that mr marvin agustin opened in greenbelt 5... this is where you can have the flavored yakult... 
 John and Yoko at Greenbelt 5

i personally love the orange flavored...