Thursday, October 30, 2008

just when i thought mine was the best

waaah! the new macbook is now out in the market! it looks so delicious-o! there's a lot of new features and the new design looks really cool. it is made of alloy and is surprisingly lighter. i am lusting for it now! ... 
coming to my senses, i don't need a new one.... my macbook just had an upgrade a few months ago and i thought that it's functioning great until i saw their website... argh! now my mac looks kawawa next to the new one.
furthermore, i just read from chuvaness about this...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


ahhh... who doesn't love SPAM?! as a child, i remember having it if i don't like our ulam at home. we made sure we had stocks in the pantry all the time just in case we need some rescuing from the eeky sibut that mom would put in our soup... hehehe

anyway, spam has evolved and has more variety than ever ...

credits to royce william for this spam collection image

SPAMJAM, a manila-based cafe/diner, was once opened (i remember eating there at glorietta 4) they served all sorts of spam -- spam burger, spam spaghetti, spam nuggets, spam salad... but it closed not long after they opened... i think it was too pricey for something that can be created at home.

photo from chotda / K Santos

for those who do not know, cafe bola is also serving spam. they call it the spamwich. i tried to copy it at home by adding honey to my regular spam but i can only come close, still not exactly the same... they must have a secret ingredient i cannot seem to guess... 

happy spamming!

INTERESTING FACT: has reviews of how all of these different SPAM® types taste!

Friday, October 24, 2008

din tai fung

my friends are going to taipei. the only thing that i advised them to do is to eat at din tai fung.  my earliest recollection of eating good xiao long pao would be from this place. 

this place is so popular that it is always packed with a lot of curious tourists and locals alike. 

when dining here, don't forget to try their red bean buns as well. i tried it the first time early this year at seoul and it was delightful. when i had my first bite, i had to keep quiet. i had to savour its yummy taste. i felt like i had to be alone with the taste for awhile... hay! arls bring home some of these for me pls!
branches all over the world includes: taipei, seoul, beijing, shenzhen, HK, shanghai, tianjin, tokyo, nagoya, kyoto, osaka, singapore, jakarta, KL, sydney, and even LA.

when will someone bring this to manila???

kiehl's sale

you should try their ultimate strength hand salve
it works perfectly for me since i do a lot of gardening stuff without wearing gloves... but even if you don't do gardening, you will still enjoy using this product since it does make your hands soft and smooth... 
enjoy shopping!

nights in rodanthe

dave & i had a movie date yesterday for my bday... we saw nights in rodanthe. i was excited because it's going to be another nicholas sparks novel turned movie. he has always been very effective and moving when it comes to narrating love stories...  

so we went to powerplant thinking that they still offer discounts on tickets with movies starting before 5pm during weekdays... but it was not like that anymore, at least for yesterday, because our ticket for the 3:45pm showing was on a regular tag. anyway, it didn't bother me paying more because powerplant movie houses have the most comfortable chairs, at least for me...  

going back to the movie, dave expected me to weep during the movie, & i surely didn't let him down. hihi! i was trying to control it but i just couldn't keep my tears from falling. i actually went out of the movie still having a heavy heart. it's like my chest wanted to burst. it's really a nice love movie. it reminded me of how it was to feel in love the first time. the "kilig" moments... it's not that i don't feel loved anymore, i do! it's just it's really different when the feeling was new... 

i enjoyed the story, it was very simple but very real and up to date (even when the book was written many years ago). so to those who have not yet seen the movie, go out and see it. let me remind you though, it's not going to be a feel good movie. in fact it has a tragic ending, (it's nicholas sparks' signature... so i am not spoiling anything here...)but i am sure that you will enjoy the movie. 

Monday, October 20, 2008

french kiss

i highly recommend french kiss pastries for your cake needs... look at this adorable cake bop made for my sister's baby shower yesterday... isn't it lovely? 

click here for more pix

camp-out 2008

We just culminated the first semester of the school year with our annual trick or treat & camp-out. this is one of my favorite event in school. i always look forward to who has the most creative costumes.
check out this yaya wearing funny glasses

do you already have a costume??

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Funny Shoes VS Knock-out Shoes

I find it hard to buy myself a pair of nice shoes. It's not that I am picky but I need to be really comfortable with it (I am almost flat footed!). Another factor is that I am not keen on buying expensive pairs because I just don't see it as an investment (unlike bags). That is why I need extraaaa time to prepare for an event, in case I need a new pair. 

some interesting pairs I found...

feel like a dutch with this clogs by Melissa 
since Melissa is made of plastic, it is perfect for the rainy season! hehehe
would you wear this if you have a daughter??
they call it the father-daughter dancing shoes... 

these may be by Manolo Blahnik but whoever thinks these are flattering is lying... these actually reminds me of cows!
inspired by Marimekko patterns, spring/summer 2008 collection
by Belgian, Martin Margiela
honestly... I'm not so sure where my stand is with these Chloe boots

Dior gladiator shoes
as much as I so want this pair, I don't think I can last long with those heels...
I like these too! I think they are comfy!
Chanel Spring 2006

by Marni, Spring 2008 ... I hope these are comfy because I am so loving it!!!

Sale Alert!

it's another weekend packed with sssssale!

Megamall is having their 3-day sale starting tom... SM advantage card holders get additional 10% when you pay between 10am-12nn... additional 5% when you pay using your bdo credit card. isn't that a bargain?!

enjoy shopping!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

jealousy can drive you nuts!

i was going to check my mail when i saw this featured news from the title went: "cambodian couple saw house in half in divorce". it got me seriously curious because of the photo.  it says in the article that the couple was married for 18 years until husband accused wife to be having an affair, which the later denies. she said her husband, with the help of his relatives brought saws to cut their house in half. she now owns the remaining half of the house.

very strange! only a mad person is capable of doing this. i wonder what he was thinking while he was cutting his house... & what were the relatives thinking?! or were they thinking? 

would you be willing to this for a friend?

Friday, October 10, 2008

would you do this to your pet?

halloween is fast approaching and i am already panicking on what to wear... in my quest to find ideas from the net, i saw these interesting pictures. 
i don't own any pet. 
i cannot understand why any owner would want to dress them this way. (although i think it's funny, but kawawa naman.)

royce is coming!

today i learned that Royce is opening at Rockwell next month! i feel manila is so blessed now! last night i heard on the radio that prices of milk, flour, and rice are also going down in time for christmas.... whoever is behind this, you're doing the Lord's work! Kudos!!

meanwhile, i am going to start doing my christmas list... i hope to finish shopping before december approaches.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Top Ten Reasons Why Dark Chocolate Is Good For You

1. Dark Chocolate at least 70% Coco is much better for you than originally suggested, it's full of antioxidants.
2. Dark chocolate, taken in moderation, 2 squares a day can help with keeping your bowels moving regularly.
3. If taken in moderate amounts, dark chocolate has been said to help with insomnia.
4. Chocolate is also said to be a mood enhancer. It can act as a mild anti-depressant.
5. Chocolate is also said to be an aphrodisiac.
6. It can also be a confidence booster.
7. Mild and white chocolate can be considered as a form of calcium.
8. Soldiers use chocolate as a slow release food when they are out in combat.
9. It's used as an antidote for weakness and exhaustion.
10. Coco butter can be used as a dressing for wounds.

I found this interesting article about dark chocolates... I had to find justification for my undying love for it. Most people give me the look whenever I choose dark over any sweeter chocolate variety... precisely my point!! 

I am happy because dark chocolates are now more accessible because of its popularity as an antioxidant. I used to feel like i'm in some sort of a treasure hunt in our local groceries before. But now, there are a lot of brands to choose from. Let me make some suggestions:
I once brought a box of this to school... Everyone loved it! I'm sure you will too!
number one on my list is Royce' Chocolate in Bitter flavor. No need to fly to Japan, HK or Singapore anymore. It's now available in Konbini Store along Connecticut St. Greenhills. No chocolate comes even near to the experience in eating these wonderful treat. These little blocks of chocolate literally melts in your mouth like a snowflake while you enjoy the burst of heavenly cocoa flavor. At Php620 per box, it is a lot more expensive compared to the prices abroad. But it will spare you the travel fare & time. 
Next on the list is the ever dependable Godiva Chocolatier. 
These are really a treat! The combination is really a genius. The real cherries will make you feel like there's a little tinge of liquor to your usual dark chocolate. Once you start munching these tiny pieces, you will surely find it hard to stop. Each box will cost you HK$52.
There are a lot of good reviews about the Godiva Dark Chocolate truffles but I have not tasted them... anyone willing to send some to me?? 

Some people say that Meiji Black is for the newb because it's not cocoa percentage is not as high as the other dark chocolates. But it does not really bother me to say that I like it. It's taste is simple but still very pleasant -- sweet for a dark bar yet bitter for a milk bar... getz? These are easily available at the local grocery stores and are very cheap. A bar should not go beyond Php50!!!
Another sweet dark chocolate is from Dove. Despite the fact that it's not pure dark, I still love it. Once you put it in your mouth, you will feel it's smoothness and creaminess while it melts in your mouth. Unlike any other chocolates, it has no aftertaste. Great for ending a nice tasty meal. Also available in miniatures at Duty Free.

Friday, October 3, 2008

the best tonkatsu

ever heard of Saboten? it's a tokyo based restaurant that specializes in serving the best tonkatsu ever... crispy on the outside, tender & juicy inside. 
i had the chance to dine in here with my in laws when we visited ahya in south korea. 

after odering, we were given these:
a cup of tea and sesame seeds that came with an interesting stick

not knowing what to do, we discreetly looked at the other tables & see what they were doing with their tools. everybody seemed to be mushing the seeds with their stick. and so we joined the rest of the koreans with the grinding business...

here's ahya seriously doing his little chore... but not knowing what for... 

later we found out, the seeds were to be put with the tonkatsu sauce. the ground sesame gave a kick to the aroma of the sauce. 
my dish came out with salad, miso soup & rice. i thought it was quite heavy and we weren't that hungry from our late lunch so i shared with my mom in law...  

here's what we had: 
fried shrimps & the famous pork cutlet

Saboten Restaurant is in Shinsegae Department Store, Gangnam