Friday, October 24, 2008

din tai fung

my friends are going to taipei. the only thing that i advised them to do is to eat at din tai fung.  my earliest recollection of eating good xiao long pao would be from this place. 

this place is so popular that it is always packed with a lot of curious tourists and locals alike. 

when dining here, don't forget to try their red bean buns as well. i tried it the first time early this year at seoul and it was delightful. when i had my first bite, i had to keep quiet. i had to savour its yummy taste. i felt like i had to be alone with the taste for awhile... hay! arls bring home some of these for me pls!
branches all over the world includes: taipei, seoul, beijing, shenzhen, HK, shanghai, tianjin, tokyo, nagoya, kyoto, osaka, singapore, jakarta, KL, sydney, and even LA.

when will someone bring this to manila???


  1. I love Din Tai Fung!! :)
    Looooooooove it!! Hahaha.. My dad used to bring a lot, pero nagsawa na sha somehow. Hahaha!!

  2. i am really hoping a businessman brings it to manila so we can all enjoy it here at anytime we want!

  3. next best thing in manila would be the xiao long pao we have every chinese new year at peking garden...yummy memories!
    good news is, din tai fung has a branch nearby right here in LA
    i can satsfy my XLP cravings anytime
    coz it's just 18 minutes away!

  4. wow you're so lucky!! i am craving for the red bean bun now! waaah!

  5. excited na ako for the food :)

  6. wala lang nga ako car so it's gonna take me 45 minutes by bus...hwahaha!

  7. candice: 45mins is still better than a country away! hahaha

    arls pls bring home some for me ... if you can ha!!

  8. Jen! Mom said DTF will open here! Not sure when though..

  9. really? who's bringing it over? when??