Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Ben's Burjer"

I just heard that Ben's Burjer opened another branch in mandaluyong (outside wack wack).... If you kept track of the ZTE scandal, i bet you're familiar with the "burjer". 

The diner was made famous after former COMELEC chair, Ben Abalos (who apparently denies his involvement in the scandal), referred to his burger as "the burjer worth dying for". He is said that Mr. Jun Lozada frequent Wack Wack Golf & Country Club and ordered his burger.  

Ben's Burjer
Barangka Drive, Mandaluyong City
(next to McDonald's)

Hamburjer : P50.00
Cheeseburjer : P60.00
Double Burjer : P90.00
Double Burjer with Jeese, este, Cheese : P110.00


  1. the truth is i don't know! i'm not sure if its popularity is based on the flavor of the burger or people are just curious about the diner.

  2. i just got an info from my friend via multiply:

    hey i just saw your post.... matagal na yung Benj Berjer in Barangka... hahahaha... there's a new one in A.Mabini... It's the street that you take from Wack-wack or Shaw going to Wilson...It's in the compound of the Boxing place and near Art Cakes... hahahaha
    wala lang... :)