Thursday, October 2, 2008


it's almost christmas once again. chances are, the movie the sound of music will appear on tv again. do you ever wonder what happened to the von trapp family? where they are now? sure julie andrews is still visible once in a while but what about the children? and the captain? did they land on any hollywood movie after their sound of music stint?

i did thought about the von trapp children sometimes but never made the effort to really find out what had happened to them. today, i received an email from my friend, lora, & this is what i found out about the von trapp children...

They were having a reunion after 40 years
and all were looking healthy and amazingly well...

i think friedrich looks very good... isn't he a head turner? (number 2)
to find out more about them click here

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  1. I love Sound of Music. Thank you for sharing.