Thursday, October 30, 2008

just when i thought mine was the best

waaah! the new macbook is now out in the market! it looks so delicious-o! there's a lot of new features and the new design looks really cool. it is made of alloy and is surprisingly lighter. i am lusting for it now! ... 
coming to my senses, i don't need a new one.... my macbook just had an upgrade a few months ago and i thought that it's functioning great until i saw their website... argh! now my mac looks kawawa next to the new one.
furthermore, i just read from chuvaness about this...


  1. personally im still a pc guy. i think macs only beat pc's in the looks department and not in functionality. :)

  2. hi kiko! i am happy to hear that you're happy with your pc.
    i went from pc to mac... had a hard time switching. i actually thought i made the wrong decision. now, i cannot imagine how i thought of it that way! mac is so user friendly! for more than 3 years now, i never had to reinstall or get infected by a virus...

  3. jen!
    mac na din ako :)

  4. cant live without a right-mouse-button :D
    i often switch between a mac and a pc and its the feature or lack of it that bugs me the most, otherwise the mac just oozes pure coolness

  5. if you're into photography & video, you will surely love mac! the images are clearer and finer... i love my mac!


  6. Hi Jen!

    Just bought the new macbook for my sis last week, the new trackpad is tricky, a bit hard to "click", I still prefer the old trackpad.

  7. wow! i'm sure it'll just require a little of getting used to...
    yaiks! envy!