Monday, November 3, 2008

a trip to the hospital

last friday, i accompanied my sister to cardinal santos hospital in greenhills. she has to go to her ob-gyne on a weekly basis now because her pregnancy is already at full term. meaning she may already give birth anytime soon.

after her routine check-up, we decided to probe the lamaze room which she will be admitted to once she is in labor. i was really excited because the doctor seemed to have described it to be so pretty & special (she even stressed that only in that room you will have a comfortable rocking chair... ). so off we went to the delivery section of the hospital... upon reaching the restricted doors to the delivery room, a friendly nurse greeted us. we asked if it's possible to see the lamaze room... she was very eager to help and requested us to stay put as she went to ask permission. she came back with a pretty smile on her face. she apologized because we had to put on sterile scrubs, slippers and hair caps to enter the premises. i didn't expect the probing would be so complicated! but the nurse was very pleasant and i had to give it to her for accommodating us in spite the extra work that she needed to do for us.

i got more excited after i put on the outfit. as we were walking the aisle of the delivery section, i noticed how clean it was. it looks like it's newly painted but without the smell.

first stop of our mini field trip was the pink individual labor rooms where you can opt to stay if you're not getting the lamaze room. it's a little cramped but hey, they have tv sets on each room. most of all, it's clean. across the labor rooms is the recovery room. i noticed it had many beds but only one is occupied. many did not want to deliver on halloween eve, i thought. so, that means, you have to share the room with many other mommies just in case it's a "ho-dit" to give birth.

the next room we saw was the lamaze room. ok, this is going to be the first rant of the trip... i was not impressed. maybe the doc exaggerated on how special the room was... or my imagination just gone wild... i expected it to be "baby roomish" with all the fancy stuff but it was not. the room was huge though, clean but very spartan. it has its own toilet, a gym ball, a tv set and the rocking chair... made of wood and is very plain... no cushion or any soft fabric... when you're at labor, you might want to sit comfortably right?! or a mother would not want to sit on a rocking chair at that time anymore... hmmm...i guess they know better! anyway, in the lamaze room is a special bed also. it can be adjusted so the mother-to-be can deliver right there and then whenever the need arises. she does not have to be transfered to the delivery room anymore. i'd say that's very convenient!

after seeing the lamaze room, we were joined by another friendly nurse. who enthusiastically told us whichever rooms we choose, nurses like them will be around at all time to assist the mommies. that cordial service will be given regardless of the room. being so emotional, i had to tell them how nice of them to be so friendly and accommodating. with all those warm people in the hospital, i am sure to get well in no time.

back on the mini tour, we then went to see 2 delivery rooms. one was scary enough for me because of the huge round lights on top of the bed and the other one looks more petrifying. it still has those 2 huge spaceship looking lights on top of the bed but has a lot of machines and wirings near the bed. the nurses said the second delivery room is used for complicated birthing and or CS delivery. i sure don't want to be in that terrifying room...
our tour ended pleasantly. i learned quite a number of things:
  • cardinal santos hospital has very clean facilities.
  • cardinal santos hospital has very very accommodating and friendly people at service.
  • you can have anesthesia even at lamaze room.
  • cardinal santos has stylish toilets (surprisingly better than those of the malls).


  1. i interned at cardinal,
    glad to know they still maintain it well!
    good service is a must, given the competition
    no one can afford losing out these days.
    they had a number of renovations recently
    and they're constantly expanding
    it's also expected that everything SHOULD be sterile to prevent infections
    so the ritual of "dressing up" is necessary
    the huge lights are for the OB-Gyne
    to visualize her steps thru the operation
    scary but required!
    wish your sister the best of health thru her pregnancy & delivery...auntie jenova!

  2. thank you candice! i'm really very happy with the kind treatment that they have showed us. the cleanliness was also superb!