Monday, November 10, 2008

grill or be grilled

my weekend was packed but fruitful... 

11.07.08, friday... father's day at ylc. the kids brought their dads along saw a movie at promenade, greenhills cinema. it was the school's way of getting the kids & their dads bond. we had to be at the cinema at 10am to catch the first showing. going to the movie house at mid-morning made me feel nostalgic. dave & i would catch a movie instead of going home when classes get suspended during my early college days... now, we hardly have the energy to hit the movie house at an early time... anyway, we went to see madagascar 2. while we were watching it, i realized the school should've screened the film first before letting it become our official father's day movie. there were many scenes there when the animals would hit an old lady. stealing was also made as a way to solve a problem (i will not mention how and why). it did not look very nice. in fact i think it was rude... i like the 1st madagascar movie...

after the movie, val, joe & i had another trip to pepper steak. this time, joe's sizzling chicken looked like it just went on a diet! meanwhile, i had an ok experience with my peppered beef steak...

after stuffing ourselves, joe & i headed to the warehouse sale of toy kingdom. we were surprised with the amount of people that were shopping. backing out was not on my mind since i was stuffed and i was really determined to finish my toy shopping that day (i started my toy shopping last month!). since there were so much people as determined as us, we had to use large toy boxes (balikbayan sized) as our carts because they ran out! we got so tensed when we saw the marked down prices. i felt like getting all the toys i see & put it all in out cart-ton... how come i never heard of this sale before? the toy kingdom warehouse sale started last year and will continue to run once a year. 

loooooooooooong lines

despite being in line for almost 2 hours... i left megamall terrifically happy with my purchases... 

before going home, i stopped by dave's clinic at makati... picked him up, & went to  joel torre's... again! i noticed they have new dimmed lights and lanterns therefore, making the place appear more cozy and less of a carinderia. as usual, the place was packed, their chicken cooked just right! 

11.08.08, saturday... had some time for my gardening before it started raining. after lunch, i had our christmas decors out already and put up our tree.... decors are not all up yet but i am getting there...

dave & i went to greenbelt to attend the anticipated mass. after receiving communion, i saw tisha silang of the amazing race asia season 3. being an avid fan of the tv show, i so wanted to ask her who won the race (there are 4 teams left now), and if they went out of asia like last year's race. i noticed they have not gone far this time. they have only been to taiwan, thailand, cambodia, idia, and hk-macau so far.... anyway, i was not able to talk to her as i had christ in my mouth that time... waiting for her at the end of the celebration would be too showbiz so there, i controlled myself. hahaha!

thinking that there might be a lot of people watching movies that night (it's a saturday!) we rushed to the ticket counter to get our 007 tickets.... as expected, lines were long...  we were lucky, we were able to get the last 2 seats available which were in the front row!! 

having our insurance to get in the show later that night, we headed for dinner. when we got to 2nd floor greenblet, we got cofused because we could not find cascada. i did not realized marciano's replaced it.  i liked eating at cascada. i was already thinking of getting their beef tenderloin skewer! now i can't have it anymore... huhuhu .... we ended up at oody's. we had seafood tom yum noodle soup, chicken satay and the crab rice. nothing was spectacular except for my thai iced tea.

11.09.08, sunday ... went to my mom's house. since i was coming, they prepared a crustacean lunch menu. yum! i like going home ... i miss home... i miss my parents...

my family & i spent some time malling in the afternoon... my sister & her husband joined us too. since they are expecting anytime soon, we went looking for what else can be bought for the baby. then i saw some toys i bought at the toy sale being sold  at it's regular price at rustan's. yipee!

dinner was fun because it's been years since i went to sakura yakiniku, arnaiz ave. i still have the same qualms about this place. they need to fix the interiors! they also need to change their shabby tables and chairs. if it's not because of the fact that they serve the best yakiniku, i would have put this restaurant in my black list.... seriously, their meat is so tender and it did help me forget about the ambiance. they have set meals for 3 people that includes soup, japanese rice, beef, and dessert. i had the US prime beef set at Php1,700++. the price may be high but i promise you will go to cloud 9 after an experience with their super tender beef. my dad & i were so intense with the grilling that we did not realize we finished the meat for 3 persons!  it's that good you may forget to share!! make sure you're also ready to smell like the steak you just had after dinner!

Sakura Yakiniku, 
1020 Pasay Road, 
Makati City

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