Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the suite life of zack & cody

i've been under the weather since last weekend... braving the frequent manila drizzle made it worst. i thought having the flu shot will keep me safe but it was not enough. i still need to be careful so i won't catch the virus. anyway, it did not stop me from getting around last weekend.

dave & i had lunch at pancake house last saturday for zack's christening reception. dining there made me remember how good their tacos are. the shells are crispy but smooth, not the kind that may bruise your gums, and the fillings are refreshing. 
while i still don't have copies of pictures of the christening, here is a picture of the proud kuya/ahya, cody.
i find the names of cody & zack cute... it was inspired by disney's the suite life of zack & cody.  i do not know how popular it is here in manila but i am one of their avid viewers. i like that it's light and funny. 
the suite life of zack & cody aires at disney channel, daily at 10pm asia.


  1. Hippi áhj éééé

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