Wednesday, November 5, 2008

YAKU at the Podium

sometime last month, i visited the podium & met with two of my  teacher friends. i rarely go there but it was the venue for the painting exhibit of my 2 tutees, Joaquin & Miguel, who are 7 & 5 years old respectively. so there goes my excuse for my little expedition. 

i find it interesting to view paintings made by kids. they are almost always pleasant to the eyes, mostly with innocent inspirations...

6 paintings by Joaquin & Miguel
after viewing the exhibits, we went to YAKU japanese grill. it's our first time to try this restaurant and it was pretty ok. when we first entered the restaurant, we got the expensive vibe because of the dark, cozy ambiance and the wood-y interior. but when we saw their menu, prices were very reasonable. our total bill did not even reach Php1000! the specialty YAKU is the yakitori... but since i got an upset stomach that afternoon, i did not bother to eat anything oily.
the place was pretty packed on a thursday night. 
caramelized dilis for appetizer...
we also had japanese veggie salad... it was not cam worthy so we skipped photographing it. the portion was too little and it had a very plain look. i did not like it.
anyway, a japanese dinner will never be complete without having california maki. i thought it was good. the tobiko were very crunchy. i love it when they use mango instead of avocado... very philipinized...veryy refreshing!
we only had 2 main entree: 
tofu steak- we all agreed that i was a little too buttery
yakiniku beef-it was actually good! the meat was tender, not much litid 
happy customers

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