Saturday, August 23, 2008

ajisen ramen

one of my favorite places to eat in hk is ajisen... nothing fancy just good curry based noodle! yum!!! each time i go to hk, i just have to visit a branch... i remember hanging out at their airport branch while waiting for my connecting flight back to manila... 

yummy gyoza

beef teppanyaki

enoki mushroom wrapped with sukiyaki beef 

my ultimate fave, curry based sukiyaki beef noodle

happy customers 

just last week, dave & i decided to try going to alabang town center since we live near na... before our scheduled movie date, we had time walk around and check out possible places where we can have our dinner... guess what i saw!
i spotted ajisen!!! ... in manila!! we just had to eat there! ...  i'll save my review for next time...


  1. Jen! Ajisen has been here for YEARS!! The original branch was in Libis! Too bad they closed that down! Cool that there's a south branch! Hhehe...

  2. there's a new branch in robinson's place ermita