Saturday, August 30, 2008


doc dave & i have been hopping from one crab place to another... in search for the yummiest crab there is in the city ... 

we love their crab maritess, szechuan crab and best of all, their singaporean black pepper crab


the first time we had the black pepper was at 2kilo! it was really huge! until now, i can't stop thinking about how satisfied we were with that meal. it's definitely one of the best crab i've ever tasted... 

male medium sized (500-650g) is priced Php99/100g
male king sized (750g and up)  is priced at Php120/100g

prices are a little steep but you will surely get your money's worth! one cannot buy happiness!

crustasia have branches in: alabang town center, power plant, the podium and trinoma
while red crab branches include: remedios st. in malate, greenbelt 2, tomas morato, clark field
claw daddy branches in: shangri-la mall, bonifacio high street


emerald has one of the cheapest but really delicious crab there is! the salt and pepper fried crab is really a must try in this place. i always hurt my tongue whenever i have crabs here bec i eat even the crumbs that are stuck on the shell. make sure you get at least a kilo sized crab to avoid getting bitin! i promise you will go home feeling like you won the lottery!

the price tag: Php 95/100g 

the restaurant is almost always packed and does not accept reservations unless you're having lauriat or an event... so it's good to go early and have your crab reserved right away.

emerald garden is located at 1170 roxas blvd. 
tel: 632 5238510, 5238515

crab no.3 KING CRAB

the return of this restaurant made us giddy because they opened near our place! we went to check out their crab even during their soft opening...  the king crab rice was highly recommended so we had to try it... when they said king crab rice, i reckon it will be fried rice like. with all the ingredients in it -- halo halo style... but the dish came out with the huge king crab on top of the seemingly malagkit rice.  upon tasting's like there was a burst of flavor! really delicious tasting dish.

crab price is at Php120/100g

the new king crab restaurant is at sucat road, near duty free philippines
i am not sure if they are connected with the king crab at p guevarra....

so far these are the crab places that is worth going to while in manila ... 
ultimate crab places i've been to outside of manila would be: Spicy Crab Under the Bridge in HK and No Signboard Seafood Restaurant in Singapore... hay!


  1. king crab had a branch in jupiter but they closed down d/t low traffic. they still have one in greenhills, at j abad santos near wilson. the crab sotanghon is a must try the next time you dine there.

  2. I enjoyed your reviews of those three crab restaurant. Sarap. I definitely remember the crab from Emerald Restaurant in Roxas Blvd. I wonder if my mom and dad have tried that one at Sucat. Then again, with the health their really trying to take care of, they might just have sacrificed that pleasure. I'm sure my dad would feel the loss greatly. I sure love your food talk.

  3. wow! ill remember that candice! dave still won't believe that your chix tocino was from pampanga's best. luto nyo daw yun talaga!

  4. thank you dennis! now, i am more inspired to write more about food! haha