Friday, September 5, 2008

Calbee Chips

its my husband's top favorite chips. whenever we travel to hk, we will have to bring home a box of it! last year, we discovered that they have already released a jumbo pack. this made my dave very happy! as you can see in the photo...
i heard it is already available in our local grocery stores but i have not seen it yet... not this flavor. besides, according to my source, calbee chips here are sold around Php80 per bag. but in hk, it would be like half of the local price tag. 
calbee hot & spicy potato chips are very tasty while its very hot... some chips tend to lose their flavor when it gets too spicy. not this one... 


  1. hey jen, we have calbee in hypermarket. it's around 50pesos lang. it used to be more expensive 2-3 years ago though. look for it at the oriental (jap-kor) section... or better yet, let me know when u want some.

  2. wow thanks!! do they have the same flavor?? in the hypermart that i go to, puro seaweed lang... and its a tiny bag... pls let me know if they have the hot & spicy ethnican ha!!! thanks

  3. the hot & spicy green is around Php20 lang

    but we like the black one...

  4. they oackage it differently here in manila, same taste though