Wednesday, September 3, 2008

spa at your home

i miss having spa at my home... with the gas price going up, its pretty wise to have your spa at the privacy of your own home...

since we moved to our new home at pque, we never had a chance to experience spa at our house anymore... yes you read it right! the spaholic brings the whole spa set-up to your place so that you won't need to leave your house anymore. (they provide the bed, linen, candles, oils...) all they need is a 220v socket for their little stereo. they play some nature themed sounds to help make the ambiance appear more spa-ish. ain't that fabulous?! to top it all, they also bring tea to offer after the every massage! 

ok.... so why can't i have the same service anymore? its because they can't come to my place... they only cater to homes in makati, san juan, qc, alabang and bf homes pque... but i am just a few blocks away from bf! i hope they will reconsider my request soon... i'm still making kulit! ... 

check their very reasonable prices:
Spaholic Massage (P500 an hour) combination of Swedish, hilot and Hawaiian massages
Sui Thai Massage (P500 an hour) 
Bentosa (P650 an hour) an ancient cupping treatment 
Hot-Stone Massage (P650 an hour)
Dagdagay Foot Therapy (P500 an hour) 
Javanese Lulur with Yoghurt Wrap (P700 an hour) 
Salt Glow Body Scrub (P700 an hour)

how would you like to have a spa party? they do offer packages for special occasions too...

Spaholics Home Spa 
0917-5313531 or 6335880

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