Friday, September 12, 2008

Cookbook Kitchen

i am missing our weekly hang out at the cookbook kitchen! we, ylc teachers, would go there just  to unwind, do semestral reports and yearbooks or simply just chitchat and chill. the owners are always very nice and generous to us... free wine... etc ...  please don't think that they give out freebies to all of their patrons, this is only possible because one of us, zenia capati, is the daughter in law of the owners... she must have paid for those freebies... we don't know! she won't tell... although dad, Mr. Capati, is always very happy to entertain us.

i'm sad because i don't get to join my colleagues as often anymore because i live veeeery far now. i'm sure i am missing a lot of chismis already! i only get bits and pieces of those chikas in school... anyway, i'd like to share their good food... do visit cookbook kitchen at 8 Socorro Fernandez St. cor. Luna Mencias St. Mandaluyong City (Tel: 724-3595). 

Check out the menu that i made for them:

Must Try: CBK Greens -- i love the taste of dried mangoes with the greens, Parmesan Crusted White Fish -- their bestseller, Pork Steak -- filling, Pasta Adobo (not in the menu) -- it's so good i had 3!!! servings of this at zenia's bday buffet, Pasta with Sausage -- if you like a little kick of spice, Scarlet Cake -- simply divine!
click here to see more of the mouth-watering dishes that they offer.

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