Wednesday, September 17, 2008


went to marciano's at greenblet last week. i had a great time! too bad i was not able to bring my cam so i just used my low-tech phone ....

the ambiance appears confident, expensive, classy & edgy. we were seated at the couch where you can have a little privacy with the anna sui-esque side curtains. it is pretty!

the staff are so so, some are eager and friendly but there was one waitress who rarely smiles... according to my husband, she looks a lot like jackie foster, pretty face, well-endowed both on the north and the south. she has that starlet quality! ... anyway, we ordered...

we had asparagus soup -- i loved the taste, the creaminess except that with my soup were those strands of fibers from the fresh veggie... other than that the soup was great. 

for the main entree, we had thin crusted meat pizza and the very interesting lasagna. the tomato-ey sauce was good. complemented by a herby taste -- just like my pasta! (yabang! haha) i like the fact that they used mozzarella cheese in it... moreover, i was fascinated by the meat filling. instead of using ground beef, my wild guess is that they used corned beef. for those on a diet, this will be very sinful, but for those who do not care, this entree is something to try. you will not be disappointed at all!

lastly, we ordered the dark chocolate ice cream with orange and hazelnuts  -- heavenly!

with all of those, we only spent a little less than a thousand! 

apparently, this american-italian restaurant is owned by no other than mr. marvin agustin nanaman!! this is his 7th restaurant already. he plans to put up more!

rocky marciano, marvin's fave athlete


  1. I love the food and the place!

  2. I'm eating there tonight. I will try the lasagna!