Wednesday, September 24, 2008

did you like west side story?

i learned that it was an adaptation from a film a very loooong time ago. i did not see that. i know not much of it (only the song "i feel pretty" was from it). it was my first time to see west side story... on stage.

i was excited because christian bautista plays the lead role. he is good looking, by the way. anyway, since i did not know much what to expect, i went to consult mr google. there i saw a lot of reviews about the manila cast. they said christian (playing tony) and karylle's (as maria) singing was not so good but it gets better towards the end... hmmm ano yun?! 
from my point of view, the cast can still improve. christian's voice was ok but still lacks that oomph factor. karylle's singing on the other hand was good (contrary to the reviews)! except that sometimes she forgets the puerto rican accent. 
so whose performance caught my attention? i like anita... she's got real talent! the words are clear whenever she sings. not to mention that her acting was also believable... 
overall, it was a mediocre show -- good to see but nothing really great about it.

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