Saturday, September 13, 2008

getting more crabby

i am craving for crabs again... but this time, i am missing two crab places that are not in manila....
no signboard seafood restaurant in sg and chili crab under the bridge in hk.
let me tell you about the crab of no signboard first ... 

they cook their huge sri-lankan crabs with loads of white pepper, spring onions and some garlic... you will have to eat this with rice or a refreshing drink because it can get really spicy, in a good way. this place is a must for every tourist and local alike... i went to this place each time i visited singapore. i just had to have their crabs... other must try in this resto is their deep-fried crayfish. they fry it with some milky cereal. its really good to combine the two dishes as this second entree is on the sweet side and can moderate the chiliness of the crab.  i remember eating even the crumbs that are stuck on the skin. it is that good. 

i recently learned that no signboard opened their newest branch at the venetian, macau. now there are two places to eat at when in macau! i'll tell you about the other one next time...

moving on to the next crab place....
this place is currently listed on Hong Kong's Best Restaurants under cheap eats (it's not actually cheap! approximately HK$380 for the smallest crab).
anyway, if you're looking for a nice, fancy place to eat, this is not for you. but if you don't mind sharing your table to some strangers, you will survive here. this tiny restaurant is almost always packed, therefore, it's better to be there really early or super late (the place can be cramped until daybreak. opening hours: 5pm-5am). 
crabs are from vietnam. unless specified, their king crabs are australian. they are really really huge!! and yummy too! but the australian crabs can get a little more pricy than that of their vietnamese. your choice! another decision to make is the level of spiciness that you can take. mild, medium, strong, very spicy & so on... 

their crabs are known for swimming in those fried chili and garlic. i actually eat it with my other dishes. i've always wondered how they make it.. its so good!

this is also a must try dish. steamed scallop on shell with mushrooms & vermicelli. 
around HK$40 each

another best thing about this place is the stir fried clams with black bean. i'm not a fan of black beans but this i really love. the sauce goes very well with their plain pan-fried thin noodles. 

now i am hungry! darn!
my only best bet now would be my fave crabs here in manila....

No Signboard Seafood Restaurant
#01-14/16, 8 Raffles Avenue, 
Esplanade Mall
Singapore 039802

Spicy Crab Under the Bridge
405 Lockhart Rd., 
Causeway Bay, 
Hong Kong. 
Tel: 2893-1289


  1. You seem to know your food! So...where else do you know in Hong Kong that I haven't been yet???? :-)

    Gary (Kung Fu Chewy)

  2. hi kung fu chewy! what cuisines do you like? i so envy you for being there in hk... its one of my favorite places on earth... aside from fact that is very easy & cheap to go there, (from where i am), i love eating and shopping there! how long have you been there??

  3. I was just in HK! Hehehe...

    Cutie naman the pic with you mom and miff! Awwwwwwww.....

  4. thanks! were you able to go to the spicy crab???